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Sperry Van Ness/Wilson Commercial Group knows commercial real estate best. Our services have been around for 27 years and provide investors with a link to commercial real estate experts. From this link, you can quickly find the best opportunities in office, land, and industrial market sectors. Depending on what you need, we offer flexibility and let you choose either one service or a carefully selected sequence of services designed specifically for you.

We are the fastest growing commercial real estate firm in the entire nation and currently operate in over 160 regions with over 700 agents. Bringing our high-quality services to new markets is a continuation that we strive to achieve. We bring commercial real estate knowledge that exceeds that of typical brokerage services and we listen, understand, and add value in every client’s commercial real estate situation.

Our commercial real estate agent experience is how we know about structuring transactions in the correct way, which helps our clients to identify and create solutions to financing opportunities and real estate acquisition. When we call in product teams and resources across the country—it only magnifies our opportunities. A revolution happened when we came up with the philosophy that “maximum competition equals maximum value.”

Go above and beyond your commercial real estate sales and goals with Sperry Van Ness/Wilson Commercial Group in Columbus, OH. Check out properties and list commercial properties for sale on our website and let us collaborate with you today! Our experts are ready to work with you.